At the fulcrum of first breath, I defend the smallest citizens of our planet, advocating for them a
gentle, natural, culturally appropriate birth and bonding with their mother and family.  This, I
believe, is the foundation for an intact ability to love.

Ibu Robin Lim, Midwife, CNN Hero for 2011

Kenyon Taylor & The Taylor Method

Kenyon’s passion for assisting adults, parents and children is evident in her work.  She may include some or all of these modalities in a session:

Early Childhood or Birth Imprint Coaching
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Lymph work
Family Support

Kenyon’s deep interest in healing has led her to delve deeply into the The Primal Period:  that time in the life of an individual encompassing the nine months before birth, birth, and the year after.

Her colleague is Robin Lim, midwife in Bali.  Robin’s intention to give the opportunity for poor women and families to have the right of a quiet,  medically non-interrupted birth for their children, has earned her the title CNN Hero for 2011.  Robin and Kenyon and others in the Pre- and Peri-Natal field are fierce advocates for this non-intervention, which they deem a human right.  Kenyon’s work with families and individuals encompasses the Primal Period and the after-effects of early imprints of ancestral, individual or relational difficulties.

Kenyon has come to see that unnecessary interventions at birth can impact an individual’s capacity to love, both self and others.  Her own search for self-healing has landed her on this earliest doorstep of experience.  Her coaching and facilitation skills in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as well as Pre- and Peri-Natal body-based therapies have helped many in their search for ease.

Everything you need for healing is already present within the inherent health with which you are born.  You may need a later-life guide to assist your relief from long-term limiting patterns.  Perhaps Kenyon is who you’ve been looking for.

Kenyon guides you on your own journey with subtle deep insight, intuition and skill.