Kenyon is exceptionally gifted.
-Dr. JR Cowan, MD

I experience tremendous release of old patterns and clarity on physical, emotional and spiritual levels from Kenyon’s sessions. She is able to get to the core … and to facilitate deep, profound healing.  Each session provides me with more clarity and a deep sense of well-being.
-J. Musacchio, MA, Stillpoint Living in Balance, Sedona, Az.

I have had migraine headaches since I was a child.  I went to traditional medical doctors, both family doctors and specialists, with no relief.  Finally I looked at Alternative Medicine and found Kenyon. She helped me more than traditional practitioners and I didn’t have a migraine for many years! I highly recommend Kenyon. She has magic hands.
-M. Wilson, Real Estate Broker, Sedona, Az.

The Taylor Method has proven effective for many of my more difficult patients. I highly recommend Kenyon’s work.
-Dr. AM. Welch, MD, Internist, Sedona, Az.

I came to Kenyon because of a chronic dull ache and tension caused by scoliosis. Within moments, under Kenyon’s powerful healing hands, I was able to go into an amazingly deep level of relaxation… At the end of the first session, I was shocked to get off the table and discover that not only was the pain gone, but also my body was clearly straighter and taller.
-J. Gale Frank, MA, Author and Life Coach

Both my health and my life have shifted profoundly since I began working with you.  As you know, my experience as both a client and chiropractic physician is very broad.  I have been able to go to deeper levels in myself with you than with anyone I have ever worked with.  You have an ability to hold sacred space that is unparalled… You are an amazing guide, Kenyon.
-Dr. M. Margrave, DC

Kenyon is an extraordinary healer.  I always feel better after seeing her.  Her years of experience and gently, deeply intelligent insight make working with her a life-changing experience.
-V. Lawrence, RCST®, LMT

I had been consumed with anxiety that meditation, hormone treatments and therapy could not shake.  Weeping multiple times a day, I’d had enough – and that’s when I met Kenyon.  In one session my anxiety lifted.  One day, then two, a week and now ten months later, I am [still] anxiety-free.  I don’t know how she did it and I don’t care.  Kenyon is my guardian angel!
-N. Malloy, Actor, Director