Healer and Artist

From an early age, I have been fascinated by two primary areas of life: healing and art.

I have been fortunate in studies for my career as a Somatic Therapist to study and partner with brilliant doctors in the fields of Craniosacral Therapy, Iridology, Nutritional Counseling, Pre- and Peri-natal Body-Based Therapy.

These include:

Dr. Bernard Jensen, ND, PhD, DC
Dr. Michael Shea, PhD
Ray Castellino, DC [Ret.], RCST, RPP

Dr. Niek Brouw, MD
Dr. Caroline Myss, PhD
Dr. Bruno Chickly, MD
Dr. John Upledger, DO
Dr. Jerry Epstein, MD
Drs. Maryann and Jimmy Cowan
Dr. Devin Mikles

Likewise, my upbringing as the child of a well-known portraitist included libraries filled with art books from different eras. I devoured these books as a youngster. And later in my life, I found mentors who could help me with the technical aspects of my creation of beautiful images from my mind’s eye.

Since everything is ultimately vibration and energy, I find art and healing to be from the same tree of life. All the artwork on this website is created by me.

You can see more about my art at www.kenyontaylorart.com

My Experience

Often I hear myself counseling a client that “nothing is wasted.”  I heard this phrase from my guides years ago, perhaps in answer to my quest for meaning in my own life.

My mother and I almost died in my birth. She recounted to me she remembered hovering above the operating table during the C-section to deliver me, as she had a ruptured placenta. So my entry into this world was less than peaceful and quiet. We were then separated for almost 2 weeks, as she got an infection shortly after my birth.  This very early distance from each other led to a difficult relationship our whole lives.  The mother-baby bond of immediate eye and skin contact was totally missing from our experience.

I’ve come to see, through my studies and experiences,   that  interventions at birth can impact an individual’s capacity to love, both my self and others.  My own search for self-healing has landed me on this earliest doorstep of experience, the Pre- and Peri-Natal world of our implicit, subconscious memory.  As I have come to realize, everything is  ultimately a gift.  Nothing is wasted.

As I pursued studies of different healing modalities in order to heal my own anxiety within,  I also found Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.  Based in origins of Osteopathy,  it focuses on the autonomic nervous system [fight/flight/rest] as the vehicle through which  balance and harmony within can be found and supported.

The constant stress of our world and our earliest experiences cause a chronic level of unease in all of us which can result in illness and weakness.  In my own experience, Craniosacral Therapy was the gentle therapy I needed to quell the anxiety in my own body and mind.  It allowed integration of my early experience into understanding and a felt sense of weaving disharmony into peace.

My years of training and searching have delivered me to an understanding of my own and others’ pain which can be healed with the understanding and skill that comes from my having experienced the difference between coherence and dis-ease.

We CAN give ourselves what we never got. We just need to get deep enough, below the mind, to contact our left-behind child aspects and gather ourselves again into our whole Beingness, our Soul.

My 25-year intensive studying journey to wholeness is my gift to you. Reconnection with our  youngest aspects leads to space and ease within.